About us

The Feinkost Art and Business Cooperative is an association of craftsmen, shopowners, creatives and artists. Democracy, self-initiative, self-administration and solidarity are central ideal values of the cooperative. For us, participation, co-determination and co-ownership go hand in hand.

Our goal is to preserve the former factory premises of the „VEB Feinkost Leipzig“, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 36, to use it in a variety of ways and to further develop it as a social and cultural meeting place in the Südvorstadt. To this end, we are restoring the premises in close coordination with the city of Leipzig and creating new spaces for small businesses and creative livelihoods.

At the moment our cooperative has 22 members. (list of stores and offices at Feinkost)

The buildings of the Feinkost still offer a large spatial potential, which we want to develop in the next few years. Currently we are restoring the 2nd floor to create new space for creative use. Underneath the area, the 2000 square meter deep cellars are waiting to be restored.


Every first Saturday of the month the Feinkost flea market takes place (current dates and more can be found here). In addition, every summer there is theater and cinema (organised by Kinobar Prager Frühling) in our courtyard. We welcome requests for cultural use of our premises. (Contact)