On Saturday, the Hiphop Convention of the SKiLLZ! collective is back at the Feinkost-yard! From 12 to 10 p.m. there will be talks, workshops, flea market stalls, DJs, a quiz, open mic and film – all about what is perhaps the most important youth culture of our time. Some of the best-known protagonists of the Leipzig scene will be there.


from 12 am: Flea market / DJs
2 – 4 pm: Workshops
4 – 8 pm: Live Talks / Räbbordy – Hip Hop Quiz
8 – 8:30 pm: Cypher / Open Mic
8:30 pm: Movie ‚Blaues Licht‘ (Blue Light)

The programme will also be streamed live on Twitch.

We are still looking for vendors for the ‚Flowmarket‘, you can offer everything that has to do with Hip Hop, like clothes, sketches, tapes and records. If you feel addressed, please write an email to hello@skillz-leipzig.de. You can also register for the workshops via this email address. The workshops will deal with the following topics: Breakdance, Producing, Beatbox, DJing, Rap and Graffiti.

You can find more information on the SkiLLZ! website, on facebook and Instagram. The Corona regulations will be announced shortly before saturday via the SkiLLZ! social media accounts. This will be at least contact tracking.